UVM Administration forces 2/20 on another unrepresented group

UVM's unrepresented faculty just received notice that the Administration is applying their inadequate 2/20 compensation formula, previously forced on the unrepresented staff, to them as well.

The 2/20 formula involves a meager 2% raise, along with a 20% increase in the percentage of health insurance premium the employee is responsible for.

For employees with a family health plan, their net raise is negative if they make just under $40,000 or just under $50,000 before the "raise" - three separate health insurance increases (the 20%, the increase in premium share from going over $40,000 or $50,000 and a 3% year-to year premium increase from Blue Cross) combine to more than consume the 2% pay increase.

Other employees with a family health plan face either a ~1% net raise if the 2% raise doesn't push their income across $10,000 boundary or a near-zero (well under 0.5%) raise if they are unlucky enough to cross a boundary.