To join UA, print out and sign this membership card, and return it to your department rep, or by mail to the UA office.

United Academics, Box 31
85 South Prospect St.
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405

UA membership is open to all full-time members of the UVM faculty (excluding the Medical School and department chairs), and to part-time faculty entering their third semester of teaching. If you are uncertain if you are or will be eligible to be a member, you can email, provide the details of your job for UVM, and someone will get back to you.  (For complete rules on part-time faculty membership, click here.) 

Membership benefits include:

  • The ability to vote on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (employment contract) and serve on the Bargaining Team - your say on the conditions of your employment.
  • National representation through AAUP and AFT on issues of importance to faculty.
  • Participation in Union governance, including the ability to run for Delegates Assembly, Executive Council and executive offices - let your voice be heard.
  • Social events with your fellow faculty from across the University - Union involvement cuts across departments and schools.
  • Legal counsel (1/2 hour free of charge) on non-employment matters.
  • Benefits through AAUP and AFT