statement on climate strike (september 19, 2019)

The United Academics Executive Council endorsed the statement on the Climate Strike presented by the Delegates Assembly.

statement on f-35 basing (september 17, 2019)

Both the Civil Rights Committee and the Executive Council voted to endorse this statement concerning the protection of public health and welfare of the residents of Burlington and neighboring communities.

Resolution regarding Prof. Johnny Williams, social media use, and academic freedom (August 5, 2017)

The Executive Council, at the urging of the Civil Rights Committee, passed this resolution supporting the actions taken by AAUP criticizing the Trinity College administration’s response when faced with public controversies about a statement on social media by Trinity faculty member Dr. Johnny Williams.

CRC-Statement-Endorsing-AAUP-Letter-Supporting-Williams (july 14,2017)

Dr. Johnny Williams was subject to right-wing threats in response to personal posts on social media. Instead of defending him, the administration at Trinity College placed Dr. Williams on involuntary leave. We join the Trinity College AAUP, the national AAUP, and additional AAUP chapters and other organizations in finding this case to be of grave concern.

Resolution Supporting workers' rights for sodexo employees at UVM (April 22, 2015)

The Executive Council and Delegates Assembly passed this Resolution in support of fair treatment of Sodexo workers and increased sustainability in campus food systems.

Resolution regarding racial justice in the wake of the michael brown and eric garner cases (january 21, 2015)

The Executive Council and Delegates Assembly of United Academics voted to endorse racial justice efforts on campus, in Vermont and nationally, and to reconstitute our Civil Rights Committee.