Descriptions of Elected Positions in UA


Officers of the union are elected every two years. These include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Responsibilities include the following:

The President presides over all meetings of UA and of the Executive Council. The President is the official spokesperson for UA and therefore participates in external union activity, works on building the organization among full- and part-time units, creates monthly updates for the membership, monitors and approves with the Treasurer UA financial matters, supervises the higher education consultant, and participates in contract administration involving substantial interactions with the University administration.

The Vice President assumes the duties of President in the President’s absence, oversees nominations and elections, conducts surveys prior to contract negotiation, serves as liaison to the Delegates Assembly, and participates in contract administration meetings with the Administration.

The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of all monies and for the discharge of all financial obligations of UA. The Treasurer maintains UA's financial records and prepares a budget for the coming year. The Treasurer also ensures the maintenance of membership records and the issuance of membership cards and notices of delinquency, and performs other duties as directed by UA.

The Secretary keeps minutes of UA and Executive Council meetings, maintains the official records of UA, prepares the agenda for meetings (with the advice of the Executive Council and Delegates Assembly), conducts the correspondence appropriate to the office, and performs other duties as directed by UA.


In addition to officers of the union, the Executive Council includes four at-large members (one of whom is a member of the part-time unit). 

The four at-large positions attend the Executive Council meetings biweekly and typically perform tasks such as:

  • serve as liaison with the Faculty Senate

  • coordinate membership initiatives and orientation

  • plan social and educational events

  • coordinate various functions related to the part-time unit

  • serve as liaison with the legislative trustees on the Board of Trustees


Each of UA’s 10 academic units (Agriculture and Life Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Social Services, Engineering and Math, Extension, Library, Nursing and Health Sciences, Natural Resources, and the part-time unit) elects delegates--one delegate for every 25 members--to the Delegates Assembly.

Members of the Delegates Assembly are elected to a two-year term and may be re-elected. Because the Delegates Assembly plays an important role in advising the UA Executive Council, delegates may not serve simultaneously as UA president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or member at large on the Executive Council.

Delegates and the Delegates Assembly work to maintain strong communication with department representatives and UA members and to relay concerns and recommendations to the Executive Council; approve the Executive Council's selections for Chief Negotiator and members of the Negotiating Team for both the full-time and part-time faculty units; and--during contract negotiations--serve as a collective bargaining council, advising the negotiating team on bargaining issues and keeping members in their units informed about the progress of the negotiations.

The Delegates Assembly meets once a month. Delegates are expected to attend, Department representatives are encouraged to attend, and all United Academics members are welcome.

Note: The Chairperson of the Delegates Assembly (who is elected by the Delegates Assembly) also serves on the Executive Council.

Union work may be listed as service on faculty workload forms.

Department Representatives

Each department is entitled to at least one department representative, who is to be chosen among the faculty for a one year, renewable term. The department representatives serve as a first point of contact for faculty members in their departments and bring faculty concerns to the Delegates Assembly and Executive Council. Department representatives also help keep faculty in their departments informed about UA events, issues, and membership benefits and encourage participation. Department representatives may attend the Delegates Assembly meetings if they wish.