What we stand for

United Academics is the union of full and part-time faculty at the University of Vermont. We are affiliated with American Association of University Professors, AAUP,  American Federation of Teachers, AFT and AFT-Vermont.

We believe that UVM makes a unique contribution to Vermont's system of public higher education and is crucial to Vermont's future.

We seek the best possible environment for teaching, learning and research, and believe that a diverse community of scholars is best served by equal treatment, academic freedom, shared governance, social justice and environmental sustainability.  

We seek fair employment practices for our members through the collective bargaining process. 

We advocate for the rights of the faculty, and, with others, for the rights of UVM employees, students and community members. 

We are committed to the betterment of the University of Vermont, the state of Vermont and our communities local, national and global.

UA Constitution

United Academics' Constitution describes the rules under which we are organized. It defines the overall structure of United Academics, sets the rules for elections, committees and negotiations, and is the final authority on any question of rules and regulations. A PDF copy of the Constitution is available here.