To join United Academics, sign this membership card, and send to or mail to the UA office:

United Academics, Box 31
85 South Prospect St.
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405

UA membership is open to all full-time members of the UVM faculty (excluding the Medical School and department chairs), and to part-time faculty after their first semester of teaching. If you are uncertain if you are eligible to be a member, please email  

Membership benefits include:

  • The right to vote on your Collective Bargaining Agreement (employment contract) and the ability to advise and serve on the contract Bargaining Team.

  • Strengthening faculty governance, to ensure that UVM remains a professional, fair, and thriving institution. More members means a stronger faculty voice at UVM.

  • National representation through AAUP and AFT on issues of importance to faculty.

  • Participation in Union governance, including the ability to serve on the Delegates Assembly, Executive Council, Contract Administration Committee, and special committees (student Scholarship Committee, Civil Rights Committee, and others).

  • A community of support, including social gatherings and participating in union committees and assemblies with your fellow faculty from across the University.

  • Legal counsel (1/2 hour free of charge) on non-employment matters.

  • Benefits through AAUP and AFT