Professional Development Funds for PT faculty

Greetings Part-Time faculty members of United Academics,

We have recently received a few questions about Professional Development Funds, and want to let you know about eligibility so you can take advantage of these funds designated just for part-time faculty. Part-time faculty members at UVM are entitled to to Professional Development Funds after having taught at least 18 credits. The part-time Collective Bargaining Agreement that governs this and other aspects of part-time faculty work can be found at the link below, and the details of the PDF application process are outlined in Article 19: 

I would encourage you to apply soon if you can, since there is a balance of roughly $10,000 in that part-time faculty PDF pool still to be used, and it will expire on May 1. In our experience, it is helpful to remind Chairs and Deans of this provision and include reference to the contract when applying for these funds. 

Please reach out to us if you encounter any challenges in the process, and let us know if you have any questions. We do hope you'll take advantage of this provision that we've worked to get into the contract! 

Best wishes,

Katlyn Morris

UA Executive Director