Save the Liberal Arts Petition

Dear faculty, students, staff, and supporters of the liberal arts at UVM,

Please consider adding your name to a petition to save the liberal arts at UVM. The petition, which you can link to below, is sponsored by United Academics, the union of faculty at the University of Vermont. We will present the petition to senior administration and to the press. We also plan to publish it, with the names of all who sign, as a full-page ad in the Vermont Cynic. For more information, see some FAQ about the crisis in CAS.

Sarah Alexander
President, Untied Academics

Save Liberal Arts Education at UVM!

We, the undersigned members of the University of Vermont community, know that students’ academic experience depends on a vibrant liberal arts curriculum, small classes, and mentoring by experienced faculty. All are under attack by an administration that has

• increased class sizes for many Arts and Sciences introductory classes
• terminated lecturers and senior lecturers
• downsized the positions of 10 continuing faculty to less than full-time
• embraced a five-year budget plan for the College of Arts and Sciences that will result in further layoffs, position reductions, class size increases, and decreased course access and choices for students

We call on the UVM Administration to immediately:

• Reinstate laid-off faculty in Classics and Romance Languages
• Freeze course caps on introductory courses campus-wide
• Commit to preserving UVM’s language, arts, and humanities programs