Civil Rights Committee

  • Ingrid Nelson (Geography), Chair (CAS)

Grievance/Contract Administration Committee   ... CAC webpage ...CAC email

  • Keith Burt, Chair (Psychological Science, CAS)
  • John Forbes (Theatre, CAS)
  • Dan Krymkowski (Sociology, CAS)
  • Deborah Noel (English, CAS)
  • Stephen Finner (Union Consultant)

Incentive Based Budgeting Ad Hoc Committee

  • {Vacant}

Membership Committee

  • {Vacant}

Nominations & Elections Committee

  • Charles-Louis Morand Metivier, Chair (Romance Languages & Linguistics)
  • Katherine Merrill (Statistics, CEMS)
  • Scott Schaeffer (Libraries)
  • Rich Single (Statistics, CEMS)

Scholarship Awards Committee

  • Vijay Kanagala (Leadership and Development Sciences, CESS), 2014-2017, Chair
  • Holly-Lynn Busier (Leadership and Development Sciences, CESS), 2014-2017
  • Prudence Doherty (Libraries), 2014-2017
  • Mary Mendoza, (History), 2016-2019

State/Higher Education Issues Committee

  • Thomas Chittenden (Business Administration)
  • Suzy Comerford (Social Work)
  • John Forbes (Theater)
  • Julie Roberts (Romance Languages & Linguistics)
  • Walter Varhue (Electrical Engineering)