Agency Fee Audit

In accordance with the Vermont State Employees Labor Relations Act and Article 3.4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, UA is required to make available " audited financial statement that identifies the major categories of expenses and divides them into chargeable and non-chargeable expenses."

This statement is more commonly known as an "Agency Fee Audit" and may be read here.

Agency Fee Objections Procedure

Pursuant to Article 3, Section 4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and in accordance with 3 VSA Section 902 (19) and 963 (10) (the sections of the state of Vermont law that deal with public sector collective bargaining agency fees), United Academics is required to:

  • Provide agency fee payers with an opportunity to object to the amount of the agency fees sought and to place into escrow any amount reasonably in dispute, and
  • Submit the dispute to resolve any objection over the amount of the agency fee to prompt arbitration by the Vermont Labor Relations Board in accordance with its rules and procedures.

The following describes the procedure for such objection:

The Agency Fee is calculated every two years on the basis of the fraction of United Academics' expenses in the previous two fiscal years that are chargeable to collective bargaining activities. Although these biennial calculations are verified by an independent certified public accountant, Agency Fee payers have the right to challenge the calculation.

A bargaining unit member who wishes to challenge the Agency Fee must notify United Academics in writing that the bargaining unit member wishes to inspect the Chapter's accounts. This notification must be received by the Treasurer of United Academics within 30 days of annual publication of this notice.

Upon receipt of the bargaining unit member's request, the bargaining unit member will be given the opportunity to review the United Academics's accounts and the accountant's breakdown of chargeable expenses. Normally, this review shall take place within 30 days of the written request.

If after this review, the bargaining unit member wishes to advance the objection, a written notice of appeal specifying the amount of the agency fee objected to and the reasons therefore must be filed with the Secretary of United Academics within 30 days following the review of the accounts and the accountant's breakdown. The Secretary shall provide an opportunity for the bargaining unit member to appear before either a regularly scheduled or specially called meeting of the Executive Committee who shall hear and consider the appeal. This meeting shall be held within 30 days of the receipt of the written appeal, and a written decision shall be issued by the Executive Committee within 15 days following completion of the meeting.

If the bargaining unit member is not satisfied with the decision of the Executive Committee, an appeal may filed for arbitration with the Vermont Labor Relations Board in accordance with its procedures.